Although I have been working in the alternative field for many years I am always looking for more enrichment and for more experience in related fields.  This was one of the reasons I came to study with Lilach and in this I was rewarded to the fullest

Thanks to Lilach's  professional and thorough teachings  – all being in a pleasant and light atmosphere  –  a new world of awareness has opened up for me . The studies of cranio sacral have given me a depth and an inner knowledge that I had not experienced before in my work.

The anatomy part was just right to satisfy my interest and not too much or too dry to be able to grasp. The whole course has given me an inner peaceful and positive feeling that shows itself in the results I have with my clients.

I very much recommend studying cranio sacral with Lilach Sabath to anybody who wants to improve their own wellbeing or their work with others in the therapeutic field.

Bertha Caplan


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